Finding Work in a Changing Economy

The job market is a lot different today than it was 50 years ago. Employers have become pickier about what kind of employees they want to hire. Competition amongst businesses is at an all time high and entry level positions require an extensive resume. Job Seekers have had to become a lot more savvy in order to find their niche in the modern workplace. That means, resume building, college degrees, internships and whatever else they can do to get the upper hand on the competition. “But where does that leave me?” You may be asking yourself. That’s where staffing companies like Labor Works step in, to bridge the gap between honest workers looking for jobs and employers looking to hire.

Three Ways Temp Jobs Help Find you the Work your Looking For.

1) End your Job Search

Applying for jobs door to door with no guarantee of success can be extremely disheartening. In todays world time is at a premium and what is expected to be accomplished in a day is at an all time high. Since the official end of the Great Recession, the number of temps in the workplace has substantially risen by more than 50 percent to 2.7 million. This is the biggest increase since the government began to record these figures in 1990. In 2014 alone Amazon hired 80,000 seasonal employees. By partnering with a Staffing Agency you can end your job search and let the employers start looking for you.

2) Build your Resume

Job experience is invaluable, when employers are asked what makes them hire, time and time again the answer is experience. College degrees are great, but too many times graduates enter the workforce with no job experience into fields desperate for a knowing hand. By working with a temp company  you develop a breadth of job experience that can put you above your fellow applicants and into the job you want. Check out this great article on how job experience effects an employers hiring decisions:

3) Prove your Worth, Land a Full-Time Job

Sound counter intuitive? It’s not.

Temporary jobs lead to full time employment on a regular basis. In fact the national average from part time workers to full time is around 10% with numbers reaching as high as %70 for certain fields. Of course there is no guarantee on who gets hired on full time and who doesn’t but these matters aren’t out of your hands. Check out this great guide on how to turn your temp job into a permanent one.  the guarantee is that temporary workers are given the opportunity to work in front of the decision makers; giving them a chance to truly standout.

Find a Job Today

Labor Works is a staffing agency dedicated to providing quality temp workers to companies seeking to hire on a timely and efficient basis. We love to see our employees and employers prosper and develop long lasting professional relationships. Apply now and take your next step towards find a job or look through our website and see if temporary labor is for you.