Temporary Staffing: The Life Raft of Production

Often today, companies are saddled with the impossible, a time frame that sets them up for failure. A customer calls with a huge order – great, right? The problem is they needed the product yesterday. The economy is still struggling and you can’t turn away business, but your labor force is too small to meet the demand. These issues are far too common in our ever-growing globalized world and companies must adapt to these changes. Temporary labor staffing can become a company’s life raft through the rough seas of on-demand business.

Employment has changed.

Companies do not have to fear such a tight deadline any longer. Temporary labor staffing can help companies who struggle to meet seasonal crunches, rush jobs, or production spikes. By providing quality laborers at a moment’s notice these companies are better suited to weather the storm. Certain agencies have adopted a 24/7 approach to staffing. This can be a life saver for any company that experiences last minute or seasonal increases. Temporary labor staffing agencies with these unique characteristics have better access to workers during production spikes.

Say, for instance, you are a meat packaging company with ever-changing day to day needs. A temporary labor staffing company might be your greatest asset. The staffing agency can adjust quickly to fluctuations in orders and will allow your supervisors to call in every morning, before the shift starts, and order the exact amount of quality laborers that your production demands. Or think about a company that is reliant on sales from the holiday season. This company would be doing itself a disservice to have 30-50 employees on their payroll that may or may not show up for work every day. However, with a temporary labor staffing service the correct number of quality laborers is guaranteed to be there on-time and ready to work.

A growing partnership.

Be it that the economy is strong or struggling, globalization and our growing need for things “right now” have created a partnership between production and temporary labor staffing. These staffing agencies have access to quality laborers that can fill openings at a moment’s notice. They have better access to workers and are able to continually pool quality laborers for seasonal crunches, rush jobs, and production spikes. All these unique characteristics help successful companies through this ever-changing economy.