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Labor Works is in the business of providing temporary laborers as needed on a temporary basis by our clients. Labor Works satisfies the needs of a fluctuating and indeterminate labor market that is characterized by constant change. As a result, Labor Works’ relationship with temporary labor applicants it chooses to hire must be flexible to meet these needs on a daily basis.

Labor Works maintains this flexibility by hiring temporary laborers on a day-to-day basis and paying those individuals in full at the completion of a work ticket. Labor Works’ temporary laborers are separated from Labor Works’ payroll at the completion of each day long work ticket.

Daily separation from the payroll allows Labor Works to meet the needs of the market it serves. Temporary laborers are required to sign up each day to be considered for re-hire on subsequent days.

The employment relationship between Labor Works and its temporary laborers is completed and finished at the end of each daily work ticket. As long as a person signs up another day, that person is eligible to be employed that day, but there is no promise or guarantee of continued employment beyond a temporary laborer being hired to complete a specific work ticket that day. Re-hiring on another day is dependent upon the availability of work tickets, among other considerations.

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