Temporary Labor trends

Seasonal Business Growing Pains

The Goal of every business owner is Growth, however, one of the number one causes of business failure is exactly that: Unsustainable Growth.
With industries that are subject to the whims and wishes of the market, which probably includes all of us, there always seems to be a mad rush to get job posting and social media notifications out to the public regarding the hiring volatility of the employer. These employers will wade through mountains of applications, days of face to face interviews, testing, background checks and drug scans to ensure that they have the manpower to facilitate the upturns in production.
Last year alone companies across the U.S increased hiring by 400,000 employees to equate for the Christmas season.

Business Can’t Sustain Seasonal Hires

After these high seasonal periods of output, employers are left with a crop of employees that are under utilized and have to be taken care of. Unfortunately this additional burden can eliminate the seasonal profits and destroy the business.

The benefits of Temp Agencies

In these times, employers are turning to placement firms that specialize in Light Industrial Labor. These firms can provide qualified instant labor, selected to the individual criteria of the customer. This service provides the customer with the unique opportunity to test drive the temporary worker without any obligation to see if the individual fits the work environment and could possibly become a long term asset to the customer. The customer makes the determination with the Light Industrial Labor Company in regards to the suitability of the worker to the customer company. The benefit of the firms that specializes in Light Industrial Labor is to remove all of these headaches from the customer regarding hiring and firing as well as ACA requirements. Ultimately this means a reduction in the Human Resource cost to the customer and total improvement of production capacity in the short term and the benefit of “test driving” the workers before they commit to hiring them.
Light Industrial Labor firms that are flexible, creative and work closely with the customers’ needs and can ultimately make any upturn in the business demands of the customer a smooth ride.