Paid Daily Jobs- Get Paid Today

Daily Paid Jobs- How To Get Paid Daily

Both the American economy and workforce  are in a state of constant flux.  The types of jobs people do, and the types of jobs available are rapidly changing as emerging technologies alter the work place. 

We as a society have grown accustomed to life at the push of a button. Companies such as Amazon, Uber, Lyft, and now Tesla are changing how businesses are operated. 

The traditional structure of businesses are being traded for a more streamlined model with less executive bloat and greater variability.

Uber’s employee base for example chooses when to ‘clock on’ based on demand and surge rates from customers; likewise, Amazons staff can fluctuate by more than 20% in response to seasonal fulfillment demands.

So how are business handling rapid changes in demand and fulfillment?  Contingent, and temporary labor.

temporary labor statistics

temporary labor statistics

Temporary labor has been steadily growing year over year as a viable means of meeting seasonal hiring and production needs of companies.  The industry that most often requires massive hiring sprees are seeing the largest benefit from this temp labor arrangement. Ford, Amazon, and UPS and other delivery and manufacturing company hire the employees they need when they need them

It is approximated that one-third of temps find jobs in production lines, warehouses stocking goods and repairing machinery.

What do all of these economic changes mean to the individual worker? 

Temporary staffing agencies such as Labor Works seek to fill the demand for both the job seekers and businesses looking for temporary laborers.

Temp agencies offer employees the opportunity to find work when needed on a day to day basis. Likewise, employers can simply pick up the phone and tell the temp agency exactly how many workers they are seeking each day.

How To Get Same Day Pay Work

One additional benefit to the temp economy for the employee is getting paid the same day you work. At Labor Works temporary staffing agency, when you return from your job, you get paid for the work you did right there on the spot. No waiting for a check in the mail or filling out additional forms. By working with Labor Works you are allowing yourself the flexibility to work when you need to, no more and no less. 

So what are you waiting for? Join the 'on demand' workforce at Labor Works and get paid today!

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