4 Tips On How To Further Your Career With Temporary Labor

4 Tips To Further Your Career Using Temporary Labor

Each day, nearly 3 million American workers head to work at temporary jobs. They range from clerks to construction workers. Once the realm of people who preferred part-time, flexible work schedules or newbies needing a foot in the door, agency-placed temporary jobs are a growing haven for laid-off professionals and those in skilled trades. And with companies cutting millions of full-time jobs this year, staffing industry experts are fielding more and more applications from seasoned workers.

  1. Don’t Coast

Once you’re on the job, don’t coast. Temporary jobs are more than a paycheck. They’re a foot in the door to a prospective full-time employer, a networking opportunity and a chance to learn new skills in a new business sector.

Temping also gives you the chance to get paid for trying out entirely new fields, such as substitute teaching or call-center work, with an eye toward changing careers entirely.

  1. Train Hard

Take advantage of training. While agency clients expect a basic skill set from their temps, such as meeting work schedules and deadlines and taking instructions from supervisors, most offer some sort of training. You might get a chance to learn a new database, the latest accounting software or how to operate state-of-the-art machinery.

Aside from on-the-job training, many agencies’ Web sites offer free access to online learning modules, newsletters and seminars in topics such as leadership, communication and common business software applications.

  1. Network

Use your opportunity of working within these major corporations and businesses as a way to develop your natural network. It’s not often that you get to bump shoulders with employees and owners in so many different industries, but that is exactly what happens when you work with a temp agency.

  1. Learn

Soak up as much as you can with each job you do. You are effectively developing your professional resume when you work with a temp agency. Keep an eye out for new opportunities in the jobs you work, ask questions, offer a helping hand. Every employer is looking for workers who show an active interest in their field. Asking the right questions and showing an aptitude for learning goes a long way.

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