Turn Your Temp Job Permanent

How To Make your Temp-To-Hire Job Permanent

The Job Market today is more competitive than ever: Less employees are retiring, more jobs are being automated and efficient business practices further limit the need for employees. Not only this but there are more and more qualified and college educated applicants for every position.

Labor Works and other staffing agencies alike look to help alleviate this Job Seeker disparity and bridge the gap between employers and employees, by helping businesses find the hires they need and giving job seekers a medium in which to find work – through temporary labor (temp work). For some of you temp work may be exactly what the doctor ordered. You work, you get paid the same day and you go on living your life. For others however, you may be seeking a job that is a little more permanent. Below is a list of tips for making your temp job permanent.

1. Be flexible. Demonstrate to your staffing agency that you’re open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. This is especially true of those who are older and more experienced. Some companies want to make sure they’re hiring people who’ll go with the flow.
2. Do your homework. Temporary employees can take advantage of having a foot in the door. Being on site enables people to better identify which skills are required in order to become permanently employed.
3. Get to know the company. What kind of products or services do they offer? Who’s the competition? The more you know about the business, the more valuable you become, and the easier it is for the agency to get you a permanent gig.
4. Start as you mean to go on. One way to gain an advantage when a permanent position opens up is to learn about your company’s way of doing things: their brand, their values and codes of conduct. Beyond reading the company manual, which can be of help, one of the ways you can do this is to learn about the company’s key players (yes, even those you might not click with). The sooner you understand the way things work, the faster you can discover if you fit in; if so, then you can figure out how to best stand out from the crowd.
5. If there’s extra work to be done, volunteer to do it. Being willing to take on projects or tasks even if they’re not your job shows a solid work ethic and flexibility. That’s what companies are looking for. Just make sure it’s in the spirit of being indispensable to your manager — not a potential replacement for them!
6. Make an effort and let others get to know you. If you want permanent employees to treat you like part of the team, act like it. If you see they need help with something, offer it. Even if they say no, they’ll usually open up to you and know they can turn to you if need be.
7. Let others help. Your staffing agency has an established relationship with the company (that’s how you got hired). Let them be your advocate for a permanent position.
Tips provided by: Huffington Post 

Most Importantly though – think like a business owner. Be the person that you would want to hire.

As you keep these things in mind, give Labor Works a call and we will help you get your foot in the door.