Temporary Labor

How Do I Become A LaborWorks Temporary Laborer?

As you look for jobs, respond to job ads, and comb through job listings on Linked In you may find yourself in a position where you are considering the benefits of applying for job with a temp agency. After all, there are many benefits with spending your time working through a temp agency: Immediate Hiring, No Long Term Commitment, Same day pay Jobs.

What may be holding you back however is not knowing exactly what to expect when you walk through the staffing companies door.

How do I become a Labor Works Employee?

Answer: Getting Hired by Labor Works temp agency is a relatively simple process: you arrive at one of our many Labor Works locations you fill out our employment application, you will be screened and drug tested and then you will be ready to work!(assuming you’ve passed)

How does Labor Works decide which temps will be sent out on a job?

Answer: For the most part, our temps are sent out on a first-come first-serve basis, however those workers who have proven themselves trustworthy and competent have an additional leg up on the competition.

How can I be prepared for my first Temp Job?

Answer: Arrive on-time, and in your best condition ready to work. You will be provided with the necessary safety and equipment before you are dispatched, you will however, want to wear comfortable business appropriate clothing so that you may be dispatched to a variety of different disciplines.

Now that you know how a temp agency works, you should feel more confident about updating your resume, putting on a professional outfit and visiting several temp agencies in your community. Don’t forget, while working jobs through a temp agency, expand your network and meet as many people as you can in your industry.