Event Staffing & Clean-Up

What’s the largest event you have ever taken part of? Maybe you’ve witnessed the Kentucky Derby, the Super Bowl, or even just a concert or festival. These huge events can be masterpieces of meticulous planning and prep, but poor over-site or under staffing can lead to a logistical and practical nightmare.

The Difficulty Of Finding Workers When You Need Them

The staffing for these events can be in the hundreds or thousands and finding the right help for a single-day or weekend long event can be extremely difficult on short notice.

Filling out the paperwork alone for that many temporary employees through 1099 would be an absolute logistical nightmare that you may be dealing with for months. 

That’s where Temp Agencies like Labor Works come into play.

Temporary Labor Event Staffing

Our agencies work directly with event planners to ensure a workforce that is ready to show up on time and get the work done on their schedule. We handle all of the screening, all of the paperwork and all of the annoying tax responsibilities so you can focus on what is most important for your business.

Event Clean-up Services

Temp Labor provides the perfect solution for one-off or recurring events that need a large crew dedicated to clean up. After festivals and concerts the ground can be littered with debris, chairs or other items that need require a lot of man-power to properly take care of.

We work with a variety of commercial venues and understand the value of being discreet to ensure event attendees are not distracted by the work in the background making it all happen.

Our services are far reaching from:wedding cleanup, to sports clean up, concert clean up and more.

Let Labor Works Work For You

Fill out an information request today and we can ensure your next event will be properly staffed and ready to run smoothly!