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The Problem With Job Search Websites.

Finding work in todays economy can be a difficult process. There are so many services promising to help you find a job but often times they just don’t pan out.  Building a professional LinkedIn profile, or typing up a resume and sending it out to employers is great but If you have lost your job or are simply in-between work you may not have the time to wait. Bills start to compile and you may not be able to go another month without a paycheck. Labor works seeks to fill the gap between employers looking for workers, and job seekers who need work today- we understand that bills don’t wait for you- and you shouldn’t have to wait to get paid. 

Ways Temporary Labor Finds You The Jobs You Want.

  1. Build A Work History-By working with a temp agency like you build a base work history that you can continue to grow from in the future. We specialize in light industrial labor staffing which places you right in the middle in some of the fastest growing industries in the region. Companies like Amazon, Google, UPS, and more need fast seasonal workers and they love to re-hire those who understand the nuances of how to get the job done.
  2. Build A List Of Contacts- Each job you work furthers your personal network. When you work a job with a temp agency you are placed right alongside longtime workers of a company and often times decision makers themselves. This gives you the opportunity to build a name for yourself, develop new working relationships, and grow your professional outreach.
  3. Develop New Skills- Due to the nature of temp work, your day to day jobs can be radically different. Labor Works staffs countless industries from major events like the Kentucky Derby, to assembly lines, construction and more. When you work with Labor Works you receive on-the-job training and firsthand knowledge from working with these industries. This is a great opportunity for personal development in soft and hard skills alike. Employers look fondly on workers who show a wide breadth of skills that they can bring to the table.

So what are you waiting for? Stop worrying about when your next paycheck will arrive and start getting paid today. No resume needed. Start finding work today!