Keep Your Distribution Company Afloat With Temporary Labor

Maybe the Mayans meant 2020 instead of 2012 when they made their end of the world predictions because this year has been a doozy… no need to elaborate… Now more than ever companies realize the value in having a mobilized and scalable workforce. 

Companies around the world have found novel ways to keep operations running whilst on quarantine from remote workers to contactless ordering and everything in between. But one thing has been standard across the board. We are seeing the reliance on online ordering and speedy distribution exploding.

Distribution and warehousing companies are increasing their workforce while the rest of the country is cutting back. In fact, distribution is one of the fastest growing job fields in the nation. 

Distribution centers rely heavily on market demand and daily needs swing wildly based on market trends.

In these times, employers are turning to placement firms that specialize in Light Industrial Labor. These firms can provide qualified instant labor, selected to the individual criteria of the customer. This service provides the customer with the unique opportunity to test drive the temporary worker without any obligation to see if the individual fits the work environment and could possibly become a long term asset to the customer. The customer makes the determination with the Light Industrial Labor Company in regards to the suitability of the worker to the customer company. The benefit of the firms that specializes in Light Industrial Labor is to remove all of these headaches from the customer regarding hiring and firing as well as ACA requirements. Ultimately this means a reduction in the Human Resource cost to the customer and total improvement of production capacity in the short term and the benefit of “test driving” the workers before they commit to hiring them.
Light Industrial Labor firms that are flexible, creative and work closely with the customers’ needs and can ultimately make any upturn in the business demands of the customer a smooth ride.

Learn more about how Laborworks can provide your business with warehouse or distribution workers today:

Your trusted Employment Agency

Labor works is a Staffing agency dedicated to finding you the right employee. In addition to our No-Show guarantee, we ensure the safety and training of all of our temporary laborers. As an employment agency Labor Works seeks to meet more than what is expected. We seek to break the mold of temporary employment by providing temp workers who are qualified and respected professionals. 

We take full responsibility for worker’s compensation insurance, federal and state taxes, FICA and unemployment. Your entire temporary labor payroll consists of one check to Labor Works.

Experienced Temporary Laborers

Whatever the industry we have a laborer who can fill your job. Staffing is often a problem for suppliers and manufacturers where demand may change from day to day. We have the ability to dispatch staff on a moments notice who are ready and capable to meet your staffing needs. Temporary staffing doesn’t need to be difficult, call Labor Works today and fill your temporaries today.