Hiring During Covid 19

Hiring During Coronavirus

The growing spread of coronavirus has left many Americans in fear of losing their jobs, as businesses continue to shutter and authorities tell people to stay at home.

Unemployment claims multiplied, reaching an all-time high of over 3.3 million in mid-March, with analysts expecting that number to climb. Large retailers like Macy’s, JCPenney, Kohl’s and Victoria Secret are just a few of the growing list of companies that furloughed employees.

Conversely, a surge of companies – not just in the health care industry – are looking to hire additional employees to meet increased demands onset by the virus. 

Hiring trends during the Covid-19 pandemic

Food, grocer and convenience stores jobs

Grocery chains and delivery companies are scrambling to hire additional employees to service the increased demand. Kroger, the grocery chain is hiring 20,000 additional employees across retail stores, manufacturing plants and distribution centers to meet increased consumer demand for groceries and other supply products. Other companies such as instacart, Amazon pantry, and Aldi are also drastically increasing their hiring numbers.

Delivery and packaging industry hiring trends.

Package handling and warehouse jobs are amongst the fastest growing segments in the American labor market. Growth in the e-commerce industry including Amazon, Walmart, and other tech giants is leading to a vacuum of available workers. The sector added nearly 70,000 jobs over the past 12 months and warehouse employers are constantly looking for able bodies to maintain production standards. This need for workers is exacerbated by the variable seasonal buying trends. In response to covid 19 this trend has only escalated. Companies such as Amazon, Walmart and other major retailers have captured an even larger market share due to the hands-off nature of online sales. These companies work alongside temp agencies such as Labor Works to quickly fill their worker needs.

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