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Growing your landscaping business with temporary help.

Landscaping is a difficult profession to master.

The work, although beautiful and fulfilling, is extremely demanding and full of surprises. The varying nature of landscaping means quoting a landscaping project correctly can be very difficult. In fact, statistics show that most contractors only make a profit on three out of every five jobs. They lose money on one and break even on the other, according to Total Landscape Care. With margins this tight, and such seasonal variability in the market- finding the right landscaping workers for the job is imperative.

Finding landscaping professional help

Finding and keeping good help in the landscaping profession can be a serious chore- you need to find workers that are reliable, willing to do hard work, and also willing to vary with demand not to mention financing their pay. Not sure what to pay your workers? The average hourly wage for landscaping workers is $13.73 nationally, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics records from 2016. The hourly rate ranges from a low of $9.21 to a high of $19.74.

Location definitely factors into the hourly rate of landscaping workers. D.C. pays the most at $18.92 an hour, with Connecticut, Massachusetts, Washington and Alaska all paying over $16 an hour. California employs the most landscaping workers and pays them an average of $15.11 an hour.

You also want to add payroll tax costs (FICA) on top of your labor costs. About 18 percent extra is a good idea

Overwhelmed yet? Meet the temporary laborer- you can avoid the hassle of finding the right workers, filing taxes correctly, and worrying about un employment by turning to your local temp agency. We supply the workers when you need them on time every time, without the hassle. You simply tell us how many workers you need and we take care of the rest. It’s as simple as that.

Need landscaping workers? Labor Works can help.

For years, Labor Works has helped countless companies who need people for landscaping jobs, need landscaping workers, or are just looking for temporary landscaping labor. With 9 locations and an ever-growing labor base, Labor Works can provide your business with the right people for the work you need.

Landscaping jobs can be some of the hardest to fill. You can hire a person you think is right for the job, only for them to leave a few weeks or months into the job, leaving you in the same spot too soon. Labor Works goal is to alleviate that problem for you. When you need people for landscaping jobs, need landscaping workers, or are looking for temporary landscaping labor, turn to Labor Works.

We send you the people you need everyday, so that you can focus on the big picture of your company. All of our workers come to the site drug tested, checked for alcohol, and ready to work. You won’t have to worry about turnover preventing you from completing projects. Labor Works is here to solve the problems that seem to plague so many workforces.

If you need landscaping workers, need people for landscaping jobs, or are looking for temporary landscaping labor, look to Labor Works to fill your needs. We have locations from Minnesota to North Carolina, and all across the Midwest. Be sure to contact your local Labor Works or fill out an information request to get started today.