5 Industries Best Suited For Temporary Staffing.

US temporary help jobs rose by 17,900 in April, according to seasonally adjusted numbers released today by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Temp jobs were up 1.8% in April compared with the same month a year ago.

Temp Staffing Growth

With economic growth prevalent in the U.S. and continuing above the 2% rate for the foreseeable future many companies are capitalizing by expanding their workforce. But certain industries are outpacing the rest when it comes to the benefits of temporary staffing.

Here are 5 industries best suited for utilizing temporary labor and staffing.

Light Industrial/ Manufacturing Staffing

The light industrial and manufacturing sector benefits from utilizing temporary staffing in many ways. It allows them to scale production quickly as needed and also allows for vetting of potential employees that they may later hire. Large companies with unions often need a way to test the efficacy of a new hire, temp labor is the perfect solution for this.

Hospitality Staffing

Hotels, catering, and event hosting are known to take advantage of temporary workers. When a hotel books a large event or conference they utilize the help of staffing agencies to bolster their current staff and to prepare for the increase in visitors. Keeping a cleaning and service staff that is ready suited for large events is unsustainable when it is no longer a busy season. Temporary staffing allows this industry the ability to quickly expand it’s workforce when needed.

Shipping/ packaging Staffing

UPS, Amazon, Ford, and more all benefit from the use of temporary staffing in their industries. Because supply and demand can vary so wildly depending on the season, temporary laborers allow these companies the ability to scale production as needed. These companies find temporary staffing so useful in fact that many of them retain temporary workers for a number of years.

Clean-up Staffing.

Temp labor is truly the champion when it comes to clean up on a large scale. Major sports events: the Super Bowl, the Kentucky Derby, or the NBA Playoffs all bring with them a massive mess that needs to be cleaned up. Event coordinators are able to get around have a massive staff on payroll year round by taking advantage of temp and staffing companies to provide the necessary helping hands that help clean up after these large events. A huge benefit of utilizing a staffing agency for large event cleanup is you are dealing with a single business entity rather than a multitude of individuals when it comes to taxes and insurance which could be a logistical nightmare.

Agricultural Staffing

Agriculture is one of the nations largest industries, it is also an industry largely dependent on seasonal changes that coincide with harvest’s. Because of this farms, food packing facilities, and food manufactures benefit from utilizing temporary staffing agencies and temp employees. Farmers use farm staffing companies as a way to lower overhead and hire the workers they need when they need them. Labor is arguably the largest expense in this industry so having farm hands and farm help exactly when you need them without wasted hours is ideal.