Our Commitment To Safety

At Labor Works we know that different companies have different needs and different safety training expectations. That’s why we strive to recruit and train the most skilled people to meet the needs of your company.
We offer temporary labor applicants general training in a variety of areas to help build and sustain a skilled workforce.

We provide training specific to your company:

  • Live training Courses
  • Training Videos
  • Safety training and restricted items forms
  • Training course attendance record keeping

In addition to the safety training, Labor Works has instituted the following to promote the safest working environment possible:

Experienced Drivers

Our Labor Works Driver Safety Program, including the Driver’s Alert program for our in-house van drivers, provides for the safest transportation to and from the jobsite.

Drug Testing

All of our workers are required to pass a breathalyzer; additionally Labor Works requires any temporary laborer involved in a workplace accident to perform a post-accident drug test.


Labor Works provides many required safety items including boots, gloves, hard hats, safety glasses, vests and many others.

Job-site Inspections

To obtain an accurate and complete description of the duties to be performed by our temporary laborers prior to their placement at any new position.