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Packaging Workers & Seasonal Jobs

Every year manufacturers across the nation ramp up production in order to meet seasonal demands for shipping. Amazon in particular sends over a billion packages during the holiday season alone! To handle this massive increase in shipping demands warehouses seek temporary laborers and employment contractors to help meet their demands. Contingent workers allow these large shipping organizations the scalability they need to change with variable market trends.

What Do Packagers Do?

Packagers are hand laborers who work in warehouses to put together packages. They might assemble packaging like boxes or crates, label and record what is packed, inspect packaging for tears, cracks and dents, and make sure the materials inside are packed in a way to minimize breakage during transit. In some places, they may move the completed and sealed packages to the loading dock for transit.

Packaging specialists put supplies and finished goods in bags, boxes and crates and then move them to loading areas for delivery. Environments range from the factory floor, where they work at the end of assembly lines, to department stores, where they wrap gifts for the holidays. They do final inspections, weights and counts of items to ensure they meet production standards, seal containers with tape and other adhesives, and label boxes with the names of their contents and their intended destinations. If they find defective products, they pull them from containers and replace them with functioning items. They also keep a record of their activities for inventory control.

Packagers and package handling requires a variety of soft skills but the most important are as follows:

Packaging Job Skills And Requirements

  • Listening Skills: Packagers need to listen to what sort of orders are needed and pick the right materials.
  • Strength and Stamina: Packagers routinely pick up and move heavy objects

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