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Package Handling Workers

Package handling and warehouse jobs are amongst the fastest growing segments in the American labor market. Growth in the e-commerce industry including Amazon, Walmart, and other tech giants is leading to a vacuum of available workers. The sector added nearly 70,000 jobs over the past 12 months and warehouse employers are constantly looking for able bodies to maintain production standards. This need for workers is exacerbated by the variable seasonal buying trends. 

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What exactly is a package handler?

Job Description for Package Handler

The people who help facilitate on-time deliveries for cargo carriers are package handlers; large companies that ship large quantities of goods each day also employ package handlers. The handler’s main job is to load and unload packages, boxes, and general freight from trucks or other delivery vehicles. 

The vast majority of package handlers work at the end of the shipping process in local sorting facilities. They may be tasked with loading delivery trucks according to the freight company’s guidelines for weights and shapes of cargo. The handler may also unload incoming freight trucks at such a facility, helping to sort the offloaded cargo for final distribution onto the trucks. At larger companies that ship a high volume of goods, the package handler has a similar role. They work in a warehouse sorting packages by destination and then loading them onto freight vehicles for longer-distance transportation to hubs or local sorting facilities. For all employers, the package handler is expected to work quickly and against par loading times to achieve maximum efficiency.

Package handlers do not typically need much formal education, although the ability to read and write is important. Handlers perform physical labor and must be able to comfortably lift packages that may weigh as much as 50 to 100 pounds. They also typically need to lift from a variety of lifting positions.

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