Temporary Labor

Why More & More Millennials Are Opting for Temporary Work

image provided by american staffing  9 out of 10 temporary laborers say they are satisfied with their staffing company

According to: upwork.com Freelancers are predicted to become the U.S. workforce majority within a decade, with nearly 50% of millennial workers already freelancing,

annual “Freelancing in America” study finds Freelance workforce growth is accelerating and has outpaced overall U.S. workforce growth by 3x since 2014.

Why Are People Moving Into Temporary Labor?

The statistics are clear but the reasonings behind why people are ditching the traditional 9 to 5 to an outsourced labor position may not seem so clear at first.  The truth is, the old 9 to 5 workday just isn't as appealing todays generation.  People are beginning to appreciate having a more open and flexible schedule, ditching the standard ideas of wealth and capitalism for a less clear self actualization. Below are a few of the cited examples of why people are choosing to outsource their labor.

The top drivers motivating people to start freelancing are the desire:

1) *to be their own boss,*

2) to choose when they work,

3) to choose their own projects,

4) to choose where they work and

5) to earn extra money.

Sounds Too Good To Be True Right?

The reality is that this is where the economy is going, it is estimated that by 2032 over 50% percent of U.S. work force will be freelancers. And with the new Tax Bill incentivizing pass-through entities it is not out of the realm of possibilities that this number is achieved even quicker. Not sold on the numbers quite yet? check out our previous blog post on temporary labor statistics

Choosing Temp Agencies As Free Lance Work.

Many people realize the benifits of finding their work through the use of a temporary staffing or temporary labor company. These companies act on your behalf to find you the work you need without the hassle of you having to search for it. And did I mention Same Day Pay? Thats right, Labor Works Temporary Labor Company actually pays it's laborers on a daily basis. All they have to do is show up on time, do the work, and receive their pay. 

What Do Temporary Laborers Think Of Staffing Companies

9 out of 10 Temporary Laborers say they are satisfied with their staffing agency! 

image provided by american staffing

So what is the hold up? Jump on the Ondemand Economy and start your Temp Work Today! Check out one of our Labor Works Locations and Fill out an online application to get your temp career started!