Industrial Staffing, Staffing agency, Temporary Labor, Temporary work, employment agency.

Your trusted Employment Agency

Labor works is a Staffing agency dedicated to finding you the right employee. In addition to our No-Show grantee, we ensure the safety and worker training of all of our temporary laborers. As an employment agency Labor Works seeks to meet more than what is expected. We seek to break the mold of temporary employment by providing temp workers who are qualified and respected professionals. Industrial Staffing, Staffing agency, Temporary Labor, Temporary work, employment agency.

Experienced Temporary Laborers

Whatever the industry we have a laborer who can fill your job. Staffing is often a problem for suppliers and manufacturers where demand may change from day to to day. We have the ability to dispatch staff on a moments notice who are ready and capable to meet your staffing needs. Temporary staffing doesn’t need to be difficult, call Labor Works today and fill your temporaries today. Staffing, Staffing agency, Temporary Labor, Temporary work, employment agency.

Temporary Work

We know the challenges of keeping up with staffing with temporary work and we are here to help. Temporary Work and Temporary Laborers do not mean your relationship with your temp agency can’t be long term. We love to develop lasting relationships with the business we work with. Make Labor Works your staffing agency today! Industrial Staffing, Staffing agency, Temporary Labor, Temporary work, employment agency.


Labor Works was founded in Louisville, KY in 1991.
Labor Work has locations throughout the Midwest, North Carolina and Minnesota. Check out our Locations page for details.
Most of our offices are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.
We specialize in general labor, not in clerical work.
Labor Works has one of the best response times in the industry. We can deal with a wide range of fluctuation with little notice. We prefer as much notice as possible but we can fill an order in as little as half an hour.
Yes – your account representative will assist you. We accept Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.
Our temporary labor applicants are subject to mandatory pre-employment testing and our temporary laborers are subject to post work related accident for probable cause and random testing. Any temporary laborer refusing or failing will be dismissed immediately.
Yes – Labor Works has developed the best system in the industry to guarantee perfect attendance. We have a zero no-show guarantee. * Restrictions apply. Call for details.
We do not require our customers to sign contracts. Labor Works is confident that our service will win your business permanently.
At Labor Works we screen our temporary labor applicants to make sure each one can perform the job, has the appropriate skills, and has the proper equipment to get the job done. Additionally, we have a qualified dispatcher screen every applicant each day to make sure he/she has the proper attitude to work at your facility.
At Labor Works, we are more than happy to assist you in building your workforce. We require only 240 temporary labor hours, which is the lowest in the industry, before you could hire a temporary laborer to your payroll.
Your account representative or branch manager can supply our Certificate of Insurance, which provides our general liability and worker’s compensation coverage. Any requests for additional coverage or wording will be addressed by the branch manager on a case-by-case basis.
Labor Works strives to obtain the most qualified staff. The average Labor Works branch manager has over 10 years of experience.
Labor Works has thousands of satisfied customers. We would be happy to provide you a list of referrals in your industry. Please contact your local Labor Works office for details.
We guarantee ZERO "NO-SHOWS", or you don't pay! If you place a next day order for 10 temps and only 9 show up, those 9 work free all day long. Unmatched guarantee in the industry. Customer Survey Commitment to Safety