An Unmatched Guarantee

The elimination of “No-shows” has been our goal since 1991, when our founder realized the need for a light industrial temporary company that could tackle the largest problem in our industry – employees not showing up for work!
We guarantee ZERO “No-shows” or you don’t pay. If you place a next day order for 10 temps and only 9 show up, those 9 work free all day long. Our staff members work very hard to meet this goal on a daily basis so that we can offer you, our customer, the highest quality light industrial temporaries in our industry.
How can we guarantee we’ll fill your order? Because we:

Are available 24/7
Open our doors at 5 a.m.
Require our workers to report to us prior to their shift
Provide transportation to and from your job site.

These facts separate us from our competitors and ensure that we send you the highest quality light industrial temporary workers coupled with the strongest guarantee in our business!

Please see the Order Process charts. As you can see, Labor Works operates differently than your traditional temporary staffing agency. If you have any questions about our Zero “No-Show” Guarantee, please contact your local Labor Works office.