Same Day Pay Jobs

No, it’s not fantasy it is what actually happens when you work with Labor Works temporary staffing and employment. Sounds crazy right? Here is how it works: Labor Works Employment Agency has a direct line of communication with companies looking for temporary laborers. The companies tell us how many employees they need for the day, and we work out the … Read More

Seasonal Business Growing Pains

Business Growing Pains The Goal of every business owner is Growth, however, one of the number one causes of business failure is exactly that: Unsustainable Growth. With industries that are subject to the whims and wishes of the market, which probably includes all of us, there always seems to be a mad rush to get job posting and social media … Read More

Finding Work in a Changing Economy

The job market is a lot different today than it was 50 years ago. Employers have become pickier about what kind of employees they want to hire. Competition amongst businesses is at an all time high and entry level positions require an extensive resume. Job Seekers have had to become a lot more savvy in order to find their niche … Read More

Temporary Staffing: The Life Raft of Production

Often today, companies are saddled with the impossible, a time frame that sets them up for failure. A customer calls with a huge order – great, right? The problem is they needed the product yesterday. The economy is still struggling and you can’t turn away business, but your labor force is too small to meet the demand. These issues are … Read More